Religious Preferences

Posted: 2010/09/19 in Blog

I have become amazed in recent years over religions (and non-religious people) all flaming each other and making sure that they are the squeekiest wheel.  I love how many religions scream and hollar and make as much noise as possible about another religion having the adacity to spread their word.  Isn’t making all that fuss about not listening to that message because this message is better/makes more sense the same exact thing?  Most of the world’sreligions say to spread the message in some way.  Let everyone spread their message, who cares, it doesn’t hurt you!  Guess what i do when people like the Jehova’s Witness come to my door?  I thank them for caring about me, tell them that I have already found my path, and bid them a good day.  We always hear speak of religious freedoms, but then we don’t let religions dare to practice in public or try to recruit.  They can only do it behind closed doors. 

I regularly catch crap from my circle of “free thinking” friends for being Christian, but i find myself more open minded then most of them, save maybe one.  Non-Christians dismiss me for being Christian and Christians dismiss me for my free thinking views.  I don’t know at what point in the religious freedom movement it became unacceptable to be Christian.  I’ve never even been a bible thumper.  My view on the bible is that it is a literary work of traditions and views written by man that were inspired by what they believed in, and that’s my views of all holy scriptures of all religions.  My belief is that there is a supreme being that enabled everything.  I believe that we were each created from a greater power/energy and thus return to it when our physical bodies die. 

I have chosen to apply these beliefs to the Christian teachings and lessons and find the similarities within rather than tearing away from.  My studies have shown me that most all religions believe the same basic thing, there are just some variation between the stories used to narrate the ideas and how people have chosen to interpret these stories.

My beliefs are not what are important here, they just provide some bearing and insight on where i am coming from.  My main point is i’m tired of hearing from the in your face zealots; they give all religions a bad rap.  Practice and believe what you want, hold conversations with other about what you believe, but don’t believe for a minute that standing on a pedastol and screaming about why my religion is wrong makes you any better than my religions evangelicals that you hate so much.


BP: we drill or no relief?

Posted: 2010/09/03 in Blog

As if BP had not already disgusted me enough, they have now enfuriated me.  There has been a recent legislative proposal to bar any company from receiving permits to drill on the Outer Continental Shelf if more than 10 fatalities had occurred at its offshore or onshore facilities.  BP is, of course, fighting this as they want to drill.  They have even thrown down the card that this may prevent them from being able to fund the relief effort.

I say this, no relief effort, no USA business!  I have already made the consious choice to not fill up at a BP untill they have fully resolved the Deepwater horizon crisis.  Now that they want to play hard ball with us over the relief effort, I say we play hard ball back.  I’m sure that some crack pot lawer somewhere will state that it’s somehow unjust to penelize a company for an accident, but that’s not what I’m saying.  Guess what all of us regular folks have to do when we have an accident?  Answer: we clean up after ourselves!

List of known BP brands: BP, ampm, Aral, ARCO, BP Travel Centre, BP Connect, BP Express, BP Shop, BP 2go, Castrol motor oil, Air BP, and BP Shipping.

Financial Mergers

Posted: 2010/09/02 in Blog

I’ve written on the topic of marraige and it’s role in government in the past, however, my position has evolved slightly and i feel the need to put it down it writting once again with my furthered stance.  As always, please read and leave your thoughts as I would love for my stance to evolve into a stronger, thought provoking idea that can be shared with many.

First, I continue to believe that religion should be a religious right.  Most of the people fighting for marraige to stay hetrosexual are going to Capital Hill and discussing how the “sanctity” of marraige must be preserved.  The word sanctity derives from the wrod sacred, which is a word that very distinctly refers to religion.  This means that they should not be allowed to argue for the “sanctity” of marraige as there is supposed to be a seperation of church and state in the United States of America.  We are supposed to protect religious rights and enforce the seperation of church and state, therefore, the state should not be permitted to overide your religions stance on marraige.  I propose that we abolish marraige as a government entity, classification, and/or right.  An exert from the Decleration of independance reads:

Second, I recognize that there are certain tax and insurance benefits that are currently in place that would be done away with if we were to abolish marraige.  This means that something has to be put in place that will replace said benefits.  I believe that any two people, regardless of gender, race, religion, or even relation, should be allowed to enter into a Personal Financial Merger (PFM.)  I really don’t care what it’s called, but it’s name must personify that it is a purely legal and financial merger.  All PFMs will be rewarded with insurance and tax benefits that are currently in place to benefit two individuals of a shared income.  Any two adults would be able to file for a PFM.  Additionally, members of a PFM would be allowed into medical or legal consultations that presently only ‘family’ are allowed in.

People have told me that this is just a way to dodge the whole gay maraige issue, but it really isn’t.  Seperation of church and state is important.  No matter what I believe and follow, I have no right to impede on anyone elses beliefs and vice-versa.  This is a rather radical track that no one is discussing, but i believe that is should be at least put on the table. 

A parting thought is that I have seen blood family members live with each other their entire lives and my plan would allow them to cover each other under insurance and make legal decisions on each others’ behalf, if necessary.

Fail Enabling

Posted: 2010/06/12 in Blog

Fail Enabling has been around since the creation of mankind.  Adam was chillin and had a good thing going until Eve, the original Fail Enabler, came along and took the damn apple.  For those of us that do not know, fail enabling is when someone causes a fail scenerio to occur when fail was not yet achieved.  The two greatest fail enablers are friends and alchohal.

Friends are always Fail Enabling each other.  Anytime a friend does something cool, another friend has to add to it, which is usually the catalyst that enables the fail.  Friend on friend Fail Enabling can usually be identified by the early warning sign of, “Hey watch this!”

Alcohal is the second great Fail Enabler.  Feats of strength and agility which may normally be competed to chow off to your peers suddenly become full of fail.  Again, drunken fail enabling can be identified early by the statement, “Like hell i can’t …!”

Combining Friends and alcohal probably causes the highest level of Fail Endabling!

So beware and watch for the warning signs that i have provided to ensure that noone fail enables you.  It is easy to be Fail Enabled as it can come at any time, from any person, and from any angle.

Privacy on the Web

Posted: 2010/05/28 in Blog

Facebook has been getting slammed for time time over the fact that itsells off user information for profit. People are enraged over the fact that Facebook gathers all of the data on all of the things that you do in life and shares it with everyone. Here’s a little secret that noone seems to get: it only shares what you want it to.

The privacy settings that are built in as a default do leave your windows pretty open for anyone to peer in and see what you up to. In reality, Facebook does not really pose much privacy danger by itself. Most of the privacy danger comes from the multitude of apps that everyone wants to have added to their account. I noticed a long time ago that every one of these apps requires access to “anything that this app needs to run” in the app agreements.

Why don’t I have issues with Facebook’s privacy settings? It’s because I read all of the agreements and the descriptions of all the settings before I just blindly agree to them. People complain that this application shouldn’t have the right to share their information AFTER they granted the application permission to share their information. Take the time to read and understand what you’re doing before you read it! Unfortunately, this message will never be recieved by the majority of people that click their way through the agreements on account of them being too long and troublesum to read as most of my blogs are also probably too long and troublesum to read.

Anyways, one of my main points here is that Facebook is a ‘for-profit’ company that is free to users. Common sense states that is the company is for-profit but does not charge, then they must be making their money through some sort of marketing agreement or another. Again, maybe people just expect the entire world to operate 100% cost free with out ever disrupting their perfect little pockets in the world.

I awlays knew, when the internet started, that people’s information would be more readily available thanever before, I just saw it coming and accepted it. Maybe it’s because I have little to hide. They did advertise the internet as the information super hi-way, or something like that; well, why are we suprised that information is now available?!


Posted: 2010/05/10 in Blog

Immigration, such a volatile topic as of late with much controversy.  We have gone from a land of immigrants to putting walls up across our borders.  Are we really an exclusive people, is the showing of documents a violation of rights, should we allow immigrant workers … these are some of the things that i have been contemplating as of late.

Are we really an exclusive people?  Many have referred to the United States of America as the melting pot of the world; people from all races, religions, and geographical backgrounds and planted seed on US soil.  So you can’t really give any one group of people ancestral ownership of the land.  You could state the native Americans have it, but they immigrated here just like the rest of us, they just did it from Eurasia earlier.  If you ask most any American what their ancestry is, they will tell you where their family came from BEFORE moving to the US.  I have never met a family member that knew a family member that was born outside of the US, so i consider myself of American ancestry.  In reality, I view, at the least, people who were born of someone else that was born in the US, to be of America ancestry.  In other words, if both of your parents were born here and gave birth to you here, then why bother acknowledging yourself as something else?  I believe that America is the nation built on an “open source” concept.  Everyone added their own little bit, and now we have what we have, which is still being modded.  With all of this mind I would have to say that no, we are not an exclusive people, we are a melting pot.

Is the showing of documents a violation of rights?  I do not have a problem showing my documentation to an authority figure for any reason as I have nothing to hide.  I do not think that unfounded suspicion of being an illegal is grounds for requesting documentation.  Require document checks at any point of a public violation, no matter the severity, sure.  Do random documentation checkpoints where 100% of the people passing are checked, sure.  Randomly stating that someone looks like an illegal and requiring documentation, hell no.  If these fair checks are done and someone is not found to have documentation, go ahead and hold em, pending someone proving citizenship or importation.

Should we allow immigrant workers?  immigrant workers do the work that the majority of US citizens refuse to do and cheaper.  Go ahead and let them do this work for these wages, but make them pay taxes!  They should not have to pay as much tax as we do, as they do not qualify for many of the things that taxes provide to tax payers, but they do use our roads and rely on our public safety, while here.  Allow public schools to set enrollment fees for the workers who bring their children with them, but if the don’t pay into the school tax system, they should not benefit from the public schools that are funded with said taxes. 

My only problem with immigration is that we are unable to properly govern and care for the population of people who we have here now.  We need to find a way to stop and stabilize before we continue to try to push and expand further.  I truly believe that anyone should be able to apply for citizenship and become a legal citizen no matter who they are and where they come from, I welcome their contribution into our tax revenue.

Work Ethics

Posted: 2010/05/07 in Blog

The longer I have been a member of the working class, the more I become aware of what people believe to be their role in the work place.  I was fortunate enough to be raised with a very strong work ethic.  My parents ground into me the fact that good work ethics are mandatory in the work place. 

I won’t lie and state that I have always had the best of work ethics; like most teens, I thought my parents were full of it.  So from when I entered the work force at 14 years old until my early 20s, I would say that i had mediocre work ethics.  During this time i was able to keep steady work, but was never able to last anywhere for any length of time and was not able to advance in the work place.  I drifted place to place in no skill, no education positions, as I had not graduated high school and had yet to go out and earn my GED.

Somewhere in my early 20s, I recognized that this was a pretty sour existence.  I had no career and nothing to my name.  Rather than entering the defeatist thought of waiting for someone to do something for me, i chose to start taking action on my own behalf.  First, I signed up for, took, and passed the GED test; this gave me a base line education on paper.  During this time, I stopped acting like an employee; I took responsibility to do the level of work that I believed would be expected of the next position up and I began following the dress code of the next position up.  These simple actions gave me my foot in the door, and that’s all i needed.

With my newfound work ethic and drive, I entered into entry-level leadership roles.  Becoming team and shift leads, at first.  Now that I had attained the next step, I looked another step forward and asked myself, “what is expected of the next person up?”  Once I identified that, i again began to dress and behave like the next person above me.  After a while, my work paid off and I earned my first supervisory position.  

I still had not maintained a position for any extended period of time and had no formal education, so I began to set tangible goals.  These four goals are not short-term goals that are to be met and then forgotten, these are four things that every career minded individual must constantly strive to meet.

First, continuous development.  No matter how much you think you know, you know nothing.  There is a world of knowledge out there.  Continuosly seek out new knowledge and skill sets.  Every piece of knowledge and every skill gives you an edge over the next person.  Caution though, you can end up like me who can build and repair computers, but i have nothing to proove it.  Shoot for getting about a quarter of your skills documented.  Simple things to do would be to look at your employer and see if they offer any employee developmebnt courses.  Recent employers of mine had a plethera of courses that i could take that went on my file, but they did not inform me about them, I had to look for them.  Also, google your various skill sets and see if there are certififications available.  Many times you have to take courses, but there are many skills certifications that you can test out of and recieve documentation of said skill.

Second, be an asset.  Become a person in your work place that produces something tangible for the company.  Meet goals, do work, and look at what you can do to make the company more money.  In general, what is good for the company is good for the worker.  I know which of my employees produce results and make the company money, and i know which employees make no attempt to justify what is paid to them.  I’m sure my boss knows the same of me and my peers.  The more you produce, the more you will be rewarded.

Third, be there.  It’s really one of the simplest of concepts, go to work every day, on time.  I once had to fire a young lady for being late and she was floored that she was being fired for being ten minutes late; I explained to her that after three tardees in no more than three months, I bumped her schedule back half an hour to accomodate, and she continued to be late.  I’ve seen people that give away all of their hours and take every opportunity not to be at work become suprised that they were released.  I was hired to fill a gap or hole, I need to be sure that i keep that gap or hole filled at all times.  For the last eight years, I have only taken about one or two sick days a year.

Fourth, don’t whine.  No one came to my door, begged me to work for them, asked my terms, and agreed to them.  “I applied for this job, terms were given, and I accepted them.”  This is what I remind myself whenever frustrated.  Whining about your job accomplishes absolutly nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, you may vent on occassion, away fro mthe working areas, but don’t let it get the best of you.  The more you whine and complain, the less happy you will become.  Suck it up and do the job, after a while, management notices those that follow this principle.

I am sure tht many people could list many more cores to being a good worker, but this is the list that has helped me succeed.  I encourage everyone to seek out new opportunities.  Look to the sky and change your stars!