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Fall 2010 Lineup

Posted: 2010/09/24 in Reviews

Okay, so I decided to go with a non-serious post for today and just chat about the Fall 2010 television line-up.  What are we watching this year?  I am watching Big Bang Theory, The Apprentice, , WCG Ultimate Gamer, Fringe, and Smallville.  That gives me two dramas, two realtiy, and one comedy.

Big Bang Theory is probably known to most all of my followers.  It’s a half hour long geek fest of the most hilarious kind.  The show actually follows four scientists whom all work at the same university and live in their own little world of nerdy geekness.  Across the hall lives a hot blonde who, although not the brightest in the world, provides the real world interjections to their weirdness.  Many of my friends find funny little insiude jokes brought out on the tv and leave us laughing for the entire half hour.  If you’ve ever been a fan of a show or movie with the word “Star” in it, I highly recommend watching this one.

The Apprentice has been airing for several seasons now and is a reality show that pits business men and women against each other for the prize of a job with Donald Trump.  Granted, I may rather just win the salary and be done with it, but it is still an interesting show to watch.  Start with 16 business people and have them work their way through a variety of busniess related challenges to make the most profit or peek the guest clients interest the most.  Just like any other reality show, there’s drama to be had, but it reminds me more of office politics than who slept with who.  This season, Mr Trump has selected candidates who have all lost their job in the recent “recession” and is giving them all a second chance to get back to the big salaries that they had previously.  Even though eliminated, he seems to be setting them up for job interviews based on their credentials after being eliminated.

WCG Ultimate Gamer a reality show that airs Thursday nights at 23:00 on SyFy, but this one pleads to the video gamer.  Every week, the gamers compete in a different genre in both a real life challenge and a video game challenge.  For example during the First Person Shooter week, there’s a paintball challenge and during the racing week they brought in stunt drivers to teach them how to drift.  They score them in both challenges and then are weekly ranked by their average score between the two.  The last ranked individual is sent to the elimination chamber to face the first ranked person’s choice of competitor in a head-to-head, win or go home match.  It’s definitely fun to watch these gamers go at it and see their mad skills in the variety of games that hey play.  I’m personally rooting for Kat aka: “III Mystik III”.  She grew up in a family of gamers, each of which specialize in a different genre so she’s got experience across the genre board.

Fringe is a drama that airs Thursday nights at 21:00 on FOX.  Fringe is really what I always wanted the X-Files to be.  It’s about an FBI detective and her specialized team of civilkians that investigate the paranormal, metaphysical world in what they refer to as ‘The Fringe Division.’  Olivia is the detective and is a hard woman that can take most anything but is thrown into a world of weird with this whole metaphysical world.  She starts iff primarily as the non-believer, but is changed by everything that she sees.  She works with the father and son team of Walter and Peter.  Walter spent most of his youth experimenting in the metaphysical and drug induced worlds and is a master scientist in both metaphysics and chemistry.  Peter is a genius, but is primarily coined as a con man.  This show will definitely get you thinking and wanting more every episode.

Smallville is a drama about the growth of Clark Kent and his becoming Superman that airs on Friday nights at 21:00 on CW.  We have spent nine season watching Clark Kent and the cast of DC characters as Clark has grown into adulthood and learned what it means to be a hero.  He has fought hard to stay on the moral path and has been pushed to the edge several times, but has always come back.  In this tenth and final season, Clark will supposedly finally donn the cape and truly step into the role of Superman.

I look forward to all of my TV shows and wonder what it is that everyone else is watching this season.  drop a line and talk about thew shows I’ve listed or what you plan to watch!


Nikki and i have been going to Best Fitness for two months now and i thought it’s time for some feeback.  I should start by stating that this is our first gym, outside of High School and college.  From the get go, it was a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  We continue to attend and be motivated by a few people we know there and the trainers.

My initial visit was as a walk in.  I stopped in on my way home from work, talked to someone at the counter, took a tour, discussed pricing, and left with some literature.  i felt no pressure to join, more of a welcoming pressence.  When i returned a week later with Nikki, we had a friendly consultation and signed up.  Being West employees, we pay $19.99 / month + an annual $19.99 equipment fee with a one year committment each.  I felt the prices were reasonable considering most gyms charge more.

One of the first things i noticed, being raised by a germaphobe, was the availability of sanitation stations.  Regularly placed throughout the gym are paper towel dispensers with sanatizer spray bottles.  Observing, most everyone wipes down equipment in the cardio area as well as the machine weight stations.  Free weight stations are not wiped down as much by members, but i think most people that use free weights really don’t care.  I wipe down most equipment to appease others, but we’re all there sweating, so i really don’t care that much.

The equipment itself is nice, i like it.  They have a decently sized free weight floor, where i try to lift the most.  Nikki likes the beginner’s area as the machines are set more to resistance bands rather than weights and are a little more user friendly.  The machines in the middle provide a nice range of exercises that just aren’t as practical with free weights.  Cardio equipment is nice, just takes a while to get a feel for the different machines and which ones feel the best for you.  I would recommend if you’re going to do a particular cardio workout on a regular basis, then use a different machine every week until you’ve used em all and then decide which one is styled to your preference.

The trainers are very friendly.  They approach sales in more of a rapport orientated approach rather than high pressure sales.  I say this as I know that they are trying to increase their clientell as that’s what they’re paid on, so not acknowledging them as salespeople is just foolish.  that being said, they truly are pleasant people.  I have worked with Brian and Shae, both of which provided me with great workouts to get me started in the right direction and really pushing myself.  As of next week, i will have had three, free trainer sessions.  They give you two off the bat, and then every few months they seem to offer another one to continue their recruitment efforts.  My workout sessions with the trainers have prooven to be good, solid workouts.  I personally can not justify the cost of a trainer as i am focused enough to motivate and push myself.  i can definately see the use of hiring a trainer as they do provide many techniques and pointers in addition to drive and motivation.

The locker room is adequete.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a full or half sized locker, but that’s more about when you go.  Showers have decent pressure and always have hot water.  they also have a towel hook outside the shower and a toiletries rack inside the shower for all ur stuffs.

Flat panel televisions are stationed through out the gym and locker rooms.  The row of televisions in the cardio area are all labeled with radio stations, so u can tune ur FM radio to the audio broadcast channel that that station is set up on.

All and all, we are very pleased with the gym.  We have been going 4-5 times a week since we joined.  The present, friendly atmosphere has really been key to our comfort level there.  I would definately recommend this gym to anyone looking for a casual, inexpensive gym that has a variety of workout options.