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Random Journal

Posted: 2010/11/09 in Journal

Typing to see what happens.  I just decided to do a little bit of topicless, free-form typing to see where it leads.  It always seems to make sense to start with current events in my life. 

Nikki got promoted!  She is now an Operations Performance Supervisor at West on third shift.  I got approved to move to third shift with her, so now we’re night owls.  This will be a welcome change of pace for us as change is almost always welcome.  Unfortunatly, this puts us at the forfront of the quality versus make the sale debate; who knows, maybe that means we’ll find a good balance.  Third shift isn’t horrible, we stay up a little bit after work, sleep mid day into early evening and then have a little bit of evening to enjoy before work.  We’re hitting the busy season that hopefully makes up for the previous three quarters of slowness!  I really enjoy when the pace picks up and we start moving!

We’re going to make another attempt at going to the gym regularly, this time after work instead of before.  This, of course, means that we’re not regularly going and have given up on dieting again.  It seems like a constant struggle to diet and exercise, but we’re going to keep struggling forward in it.

In my quest to further my education, I am going to have to take some classes at Jamestown Community College to prove that i can, in fact, successfully complete college courses before Edinboro will accept me, so that is what I am going to do.  I have decided not to let anyone, including myself, get in the way of improving our status in life.  I will continue to push forward until I get my Accounting degree and pass my CPA certification.  My loving wife is fully behind me in this and I’m not going to back down.

Not really sure where to go from there, so I’ll turn towards politics.  As my regular readers know, i have continued to be politically active in my posts.  I have not, however, gone and registered to vote yet.  I will refocus my commitment to do register so that i may participate in the 2012 electoral process.  In today’s world of politics, the house & senate has been split; this is, in my mind a good thing.  Yes, it slows the process down, but it ensures that all interests are considered before things get pushed through in the end.  I continue to get frustrated by our overnment throwing money down the drain.  I think that both the government and we the people need to stop throwing our money down the drain and making decisions that hurt our ecenomy.  Spending a little bit more to support local businesses is a good thing in the long term.

I don’t know why, but I just decided to shoot for a thousand word posting, lol.  Oddly, making this decision has caused my mind to stall, damnit.

WINTER IS COMING!  I’m the psychotic person that actually looks forward to winter.  Fall and then winter lead into football, hockey, skiing, and drifting.  Drifting, for those that don’t know, was invented up north as a way of driving, the South turned it into a sport, but down south they’re too big of wusses to do it on the ice.  It always takes nikki about a month to get used to the fact that, yes, I’m sliding on purpose and, no, we won’t hit anything.  We just started following hockey this year.  We’ve been trying to go to an Erie Otters home game every pay period.  We find that we really enjoy going to these minor league games and watching them play their hearts out, the fights are fun too.  I really hope that i get to go skiing this year, I’ve missed the sport so much!

Over the summer, I developed my charcoal grilling skills with our new grill.  I’ve really liked the switch to charcoal as there is more you can do to affect the taste and it feels more like an art form.  With the cold weather coming, I’ve been moving towards my thick and hearty meals.  Made an awesome beef stew when the cold season started and a mild chili last weekend.  I’ll be looking to spice up my chili, now that I know a little more about everyone’s spice tolerances and I also want to try some new thick & hearty challenges, suggestions please!  Nikki laughs when we go shopping for my creations as I never know what i’m going to put in, I just walk around the produce section and wait for items to apeal to me; hey, it’s worked so far!  I’ll keep grilling through the winter, just means i have to shovel a path to the grill, lol.  I’ve been working more towards slow cooking on the grill.  With most all cooking, it seems that the longer it takes to cook, the better it comes out in the end.  Damnit, my stomache is growling now, time to stop writing about food.

My entertainment has been dragging a little bit.  It seems like there are no good games coming out anymore.  More and more, developers are just pushing crap through and everyone’s buying it.  PS3 has given me a nice distraction from PC gaming.  i definately recommend GameFly to anyone that plays console games.  It removes having to pay $60 for a game that may suck.  We are looking forward to Cataclysm to be released for World of Warcraft.  I pre-purchased my digital version the other day and Nikki is going to go out on release day and get the disc copy.  I just started reading the new X-Force comic from Marvel.  I got the first issue at the store front and then signed up for a subscription.  I really liked the comic and found that it was almost half the cost to subscribe.  I have fallen to only being interested in books with pictures in them, lol. 

Hey, I hit a thousand words!

I shall now sign off and leave y’all to enjoy my random ramblings.  Talk to y’all later!


Moving on

Posted: 2010/04/02 in Journal

I have never allowed myeslef to become stationary for too long in regards to who I am and what I do.  After five, good years as an trainer, it is now time move on and seek new challenges.  It will be nice to have a new set of challenges to overcome and skills to master.  This will be the first time that I make this kind of move and actually stay with the company i was with, maybe that’s a sign that I am maturing and settling down a bit; heck, the fact that i stayed somewhere for five years may show that on it’s own.  It will be nice to keep the working relationships that i have built over the years and see those change with me as well.  I often wish I could have been a part of a starshiop for the Federation, wow am i a g33k, in the fact that they get to seek out so many new things one after the other and continue the adventure.  We are all adventurers in life and should all continue to strive to seek out all that is foriegn and new to us.  Sometimes you’ll luck out and find Orion slave girls, other times you may get stuck with Borg drones.  i encourage all to continually seek out new challenges in life.

2Q10 Goals

Posted: 2010/03/30 in Journal

Well, the first quarter of 2010 draws to an end and the second quarter of 2010 has arrived so now it’s time to look at how I did with last quarters goals and create some new ones.

Goal 1: Become Physically Fit
I have continually been working towards improving my level of physical fitness.  I believe that this is a goal that I am doing well on, but it is not a goal that will be met anytime soon.  In the last few weeks I have been faultering on this particular goal, but that is partly do to irratic swing shifts which throws off most aspects of my life.  I have taken many strides, I feel significantly healthier today than at the end of 2009.  My goals were not all met.
I lost 5# instead of 10-15#, but i put on muscle mass.  My bench press is at 135# and my leg press is at 315#.
My goals through this quarter are to lose 10-15#, bench 185#, leg press 405#, and run 10 out of 30 minutes per cardio session.

Goal 2: Stay Current & Get Involved
I mark this one as complete/redirected as it is something that I have managed to make part of my routine, but I need to make sure to become active in.  Now that i am becoming more aware of the world around me, it is time to take part in that world.  The number one part of this is to become a registered voter.  I also need to do more to find out what powers are championing what causes, and maybe volunteer.  I would like to do one community serviuce event every month.

Goal 3:  Journal/Blog
I believe that anyone following my little website would agree that i have managed to continue journaling/blogging, so this one is being marked as complete as long as i continue this little venture of mine.

Goal 4: Financial Stability
Nikki and i have struggled for most of our relationship with our finances.  i would like to start to take steps to provide more certainty to our financial future.  The most immediate goal is to set up a retirement account.  By end of year 2010, i intend to have some nature of retirement account in place.  My next open eligibility for works 401k is this fall.  I also want to start placing a little bit of money aside.  By end of quarter, I would like to have the equivilent of one of each of our paychecks sitting in our account as a safety net.  End of year, I would like one months pay as a safety net.  long term goal is to have a the minimum recommended amount of three months pay in savings in case of emergency.

Here’s looking forward to another good quarter and hopefully the attainment of more goals!

More an more I find myself pondering friends, what they mean to me, and/or what I mean to them.  I have always tried to put myself out there as a valuable reource to my friends; there is very little that I won’t do for them and I have always genuinly stood by them.  The more time goes by, I feel more and more that this has become a one way street.  I have always tried not to expect anything from my friends, but I have found that not to be true.  I expect my friends to be willing to spend time with me, it’s actually very simple.  I don’t expect money, material things, to be fed, or to be entertained, I just want to be able to make plans to visit or be visited.  I can count on one hand the number of times my friends came over to my place just to spend time with me and my wife in the last year, maybe even two years, on one hand.  Sure, people have come over because we set up a gaming network, held a picnic, watched their kids, …etc, but very few ever came over to come over.  I know that I’m not the most interesting person in the world and I may be overly playful to the point of annoying, but I do not know what I did or what it is about me that makes it so that none of the people that I consider friends will make an attempt to spend time with me.  Even though everyone knows they have an open invitation, I regularly try to invite others to come hang out, but noone wants to do so.  I find that if I do not call, IM, text, and/or visit my friends, then I will never hear from them.  Part of me says to stop being a whiney bitch and deal with it while the other part says to just let these people go and stop bothering.

Journal: 2010-02-28

Posted: 2010/02/28 in Journal

February draws to an end and March is just around the corner. All is well in my world and i have no serious complaints for the week. I ha my first interview for the Ops Sales Supervisor position. This is a position that i really look forward to having the potential opportunity for. I feel confident about both the answers I gave during my phone interview and about my delivery itself.

My mother just got done with some elective surgery. I don’t really get elective cosmetic surgery, but she has worked hard to get to where she is and I am glad that she can do something to make herself happy. My mother and grandmother have served as an influance towards my recent weight loss goals. My grandmother is in extremely poor physical condition and very large as she has never tried to get healthy; my mother was a very large woman, but has worked hard to loose her weight and is now skinny. So I have both visions in front of me of what I can become or what I can do. I have chosen to work my arse off five times a week and see what i can do with my body. I have also started tracking what I eat using weight watcher points. After my first week, I only tracked about half of what I should, but this week I am adding the spreadsheet to my jump drive so that I can enter stuff anytime I’m near a computer.
Current Fitness Levels:
Weight: 182 lbs
Bench Press: 3×12 – 105 lbs
Leg Press: 3×12 – 170 lbs
Treadmill: 2×30 min @ 3.5 mph
Weight Watcher Points +/-: Unknown

In the wonderful world of sports, the 2010 Winter Olympics are coming to a close. We have strangely found ourselves following Curling a lot. It really is interesting to watch. Although not a hockey fan, I am excited to see USA & Canada fighting it out for the finals. Checking the score i see that Canada is winning over USA 2-0 part way through the second period, and USA scored their first point of the match while typing this increasing the score to CAN 2 – USA 1. Nascar season is starting and providing my usual Sunday afternoon entertainment. I am glad to see that they have loosened some of the rules to make the sport more entertaining to watch again. Dale Jr, my racer, wrecked out last week in Fontana but has been running top ten most of this week in Las Vegas.

All else is going well, I’m new to the idea of journaling, so here is what I have.

2/10 Goals

Posted: 2010/02/23 in Journal

I find goal setting an important task, without goals, progress tends not to happen. Goals are ever more powerfull if you place them in a place where others can view them, as this holds you accountable. This being said, I choose to list some of my goals here, update my progress, and then quarterly posts as to how they are going. So let’s see how this goes…

Goal 1: Become Physically Fit
I have started an exercise routine and am going to seriously try weight watchers. I would like to loose 10-15 pounds by the start of next quarter; I am currently 285 #. I would also like to see my regular lifting reps of bench pressing 3*12 of 135# and leg press of 3*12 at 250#. I am currently at 95# and 170# respectively.

Goal 2: Stay Current
I have, as I’ve grown older, become slightly more aware of the world around me. I would like to spend 30 minutes a day gathering news. I would also like to do this via a different news source each day of the week.

Goal 3: Journal
I would like to journal once a week. I have never been much for journaling, but i see it’s benefits in that it allows you to gather your thoughts and focus. I’ll probably do so here as I do not care for pen and paper at all.

I think three goals a quarter is good to start with.