US Prison System

Posted: 2010/09/27 in Blog

It never ceases to amaze me, how many luxuries that prison inmates have, that I can’t afford.  Well, if most of us can’t afford these luxuries, then give us our taxes back that pay for these inmates to have these luxuries.
Plain and simple, these people are being rewarded for doing something wrong.  It should be like when I got grounded as a kid; here’s your room, a bed, and some books and that’s it.  No cable tv, no fitness center, …etc.
I really believe that cable companies must be the ones lobbying behind candidates and then getting these prison contracts as rewards.

  1. Stacey says:

    I personally think that prisons are primarily for protection of the population, deterrence, and rehabilitation. On those grounds, I don’t necessarily disagree with the presence of cable TV. What DOES bug me about it, however, is that cable TV, even for me, is a luxury. The government is barely paying for the services it’s supposed to be providing – esp. during the recession. As such, the government doesn’t have the right to invest in luxuries such as cable while it isn’t meeting the needs of it’s citizens.

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