Financial Mergers

Posted: 2010/09/02 in Blog

I’ve written on the topic of marraige and it’s role in government in the past, however, my position has evolved slightly and i feel the need to put it down it writting once again with my furthered stance.  As always, please read and leave your thoughts as I would love for my stance to evolve into a stronger, thought provoking idea that can be shared with many.

First, I continue to believe that religion should be a religious right.  Most of the people fighting for marraige to stay hetrosexual are going to Capital Hill and discussing how the “sanctity” of marraige must be preserved.  The word sanctity derives from the wrod sacred, which is a word that very distinctly refers to religion.  This means that they should not be allowed to argue for the “sanctity” of marraige as there is supposed to be a seperation of church and state in the United States of America.  We are supposed to protect religious rights and enforce the seperation of church and state, therefore, the state should not be permitted to overide your religions stance on marraige.  I propose that we abolish marraige as a government entity, classification, and/or right.  An exert from the Decleration of independance reads:

Second, I recognize that there are certain tax and insurance benefits that are currently in place that would be done away with if we were to abolish marraige.  This means that something has to be put in place that will replace said benefits.  I believe that any two people, regardless of gender, race, religion, or even relation, should be allowed to enter into a Personal Financial Merger (PFM.)  I really don’t care what it’s called, but it’s name must personify that it is a purely legal and financial merger.  All PFMs will be rewarded with insurance and tax benefits that are currently in place to benefit two individuals of a shared income.  Any two adults would be able to file for a PFM.  Additionally, members of a PFM would be allowed into medical or legal consultations that presently only ‘family’ are allowed in.

People have told me that this is just a way to dodge the whole gay maraige issue, but it really isn’t.  Seperation of church and state is important.  No matter what I believe and follow, I have no right to impede on anyone elses beliefs and vice-versa.  This is a rather radical track that no one is discussing, but i believe that is should be at least put on the table. 

A parting thought is that I have seen blood family members live with each other their entire lives and my plan would allow them to cover each other under insurance and make legal decisions on each others’ behalf, if necessary.


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