Fail Enabling

Posted: 2010/06/12 in Blog

Fail Enabling has been around since the creation of mankind.  Adam was chillin and had a good thing going until Eve, the original Fail Enabler, came along and took the damn apple.  For those of us that do not know, fail enabling is when someone causes a fail scenerio to occur when fail was not yet achieved.  The two greatest fail enablers are friends and alchohal.

Friends are always Fail Enabling each other.  Anytime a friend does something cool, another friend has to add to it, which is usually the catalyst that enables the fail.  Friend on friend Fail Enabling can usually be identified by the early warning sign of, “Hey watch this!”

Alcohal is the second great Fail Enabler.  Feats of strength and agility which may normally be competed to chow off to your peers suddenly become full of fail.  Again, drunken fail enabling can be identified early by the statement, “Like hell i can’t …!”

Combining Friends and alcohal probably causes the highest level of Fail Endabling!

So beware and watch for the warning signs that i have provided to ensure that noone fail enables you.  It is easy to be Fail Enabled as it can come at any time, from any person, and from any angle.


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