Privacy on the Web

Posted: 2010/05/28 in Blog

Facebook has been getting slammed for time time over the fact that itsells off user information for profit. People are enraged over the fact that Facebook gathers all of the data on all of the things that you do in life and shares it with everyone. Here’s a little secret that noone seems to get: it only shares what you want it to.

The privacy settings that are built in as a default do leave your windows pretty open for anyone to peer in and see what you up to. In reality, Facebook does not really pose much privacy danger by itself. Most of the privacy danger comes from the multitude of apps that everyone wants to have added to their account. I noticed a long time ago that every one of these apps requires access to “anything that this app needs to run” in the app agreements.

Why don’t I have issues with Facebook’s privacy settings? It’s because I read all of the agreements and the descriptions of all the settings before I just blindly agree to them. People complain that this application shouldn’t have the right to share their information AFTER they granted the application permission to share their information. Take the time to read and understand what you’re doing before you read it! Unfortunately, this message will never be recieved by the majority of people that click their way through the agreements on account of them being too long and troublesum to read as most of my blogs are also probably too long and troublesum to read.

Anyways, one of my main points here is that Facebook is a ‘for-profit’ company that is free to users. Common sense states that is the company is for-profit but does not charge, then they must be making their money through some sort of marketing agreement or another. Again, maybe people just expect the entire world to operate 100% cost free with out ever disrupting their perfect little pockets in the world.

I awlays knew, when the internet started, that people’s information would be more readily available thanever before, I just saw it coming and accepted it. Maybe it’s because I have little to hide. They did advertise the internet as the information super hi-way, or something like that; well, why are we suprised that information is now available?!

  1. waffles says:

    This is so dumb about Facebook. Why would you pour all your information onto a website, then limit down what can be seen…just only put in what you want people to see. FB used to sell your profile to interested parties (like prospective employers), I don’t believe they do that anymore. Since those days, I’ve heavily limited what’s on my profile.

    • kevinkmjr says:

      I have always followed a universal rule with all things posted to the internet. Is ther anyone present or future that shouldn’t see this? If the answer is no, keep it of the fraggin net ya n00b!

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