Posted: 2010/05/10 in Blog

Immigration, such a volatile topic as of late with much controversy.  We have gone from a land of immigrants to putting walls up across our borders.  Are we really an exclusive people, is the showing of documents a violation of rights, should we allow immigrant workers … these are some of the things that i have been contemplating as of late.

Are we really an exclusive people?  Many have referred to the United States of America as the melting pot of the world; people from all races, religions, and geographical backgrounds and planted seed on US soil.  So you can’t really give any one group of people ancestral ownership of the land.  You could state the native Americans have it, but they immigrated here just like the rest of us, they just did it from Eurasia earlier.  If you ask most any American what their ancestry is, they will tell you where their family came from BEFORE moving to the US.  I have never met a family member that knew a family member that was born outside of the US, so i consider myself of American ancestry.  In reality, I view, at the least, people who were born of someone else that was born in the US, to be of America ancestry.  In other words, if both of your parents were born here and gave birth to you here, then why bother acknowledging yourself as something else?  I believe that America is the nation built on an “open source” concept.  Everyone added their own little bit, and now we have what we have, which is still being modded.  With all of this mind I would have to say that no, we are not an exclusive people, we are a melting pot.

Is the showing of documents a violation of rights?  I do not have a problem showing my documentation to an authority figure for any reason as I have nothing to hide.  I do not think that unfounded suspicion of being an illegal is grounds for requesting documentation.  Require document checks at any point of a public violation, no matter the severity, sure.  Do random documentation checkpoints where 100% of the people passing are checked, sure.  Randomly stating that someone looks like an illegal and requiring documentation, hell no.  If these fair checks are done and someone is not found to have documentation, go ahead and hold em, pending someone proving citizenship or importation.

Should we allow immigrant workers?  immigrant workers do the work that the majority of US citizens refuse to do and cheaper.  Go ahead and let them do this work for these wages, but make them pay taxes!  They should not have to pay as much tax as we do, as they do not qualify for many of the things that taxes provide to tax payers, but they do use our roads and rely on our public safety, while here.  Allow public schools to set enrollment fees for the workers who bring their children with them, but if the don’t pay into the school tax system, they should not benefit from the public schools that are funded with said taxes. 

My only problem with immigration is that we are unable to properly govern and care for the population of people who we have here now.  We need to find a way to stop and stabilize before we continue to try to push and expand further.  I truly believe that anyone should be able to apply for citizenship and become a legal citizen no matter who they are and where they come from, I welcome their contribution into our tax revenue.

  1. waffles says:

    The problem doesn’t come from not allowing people in. That isn’t even the problem, it comes from people coming in that the USA doesn’t know about. Since the gov doesn’t know they exist here, then they can’t contribute towards the public treasury. You pretty much hit on this towards the end of your blog entry.

    I won’t hit on the Arizona deal, but I found the video (which is purported to be endorsed by the governor) which it announces the problems that have apparently arisen from the illegal immigration issue.

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