Moving on

Posted: 2010/04/02 in Journal

I have never allowed myeslef to become stationary for too long in regards to who I am and what I do.  After five, good years as an trainer, it is now time move on and seek new challenges.  It will be nice to have a new set of challenges to overcome and skills to master.  This will be the first time that I make this kind of move and actually stay with the company i was with, maybe that’s a sign that I am maturing and settling down a bit; heck, the fact that i stayed somewhere for five years may show that on it’s own.  It will be nice to keep the working relationships that i have built over the years and see those change with me as well.  I often wish I could have been a part of a starshiop for the Federation, wow am i a g33k, in the fact that they get to seek out so many new things one after the other and continue the adventure.  We are all adventurers in life and should all continue to strive to seek out all that is foriegn and new to us.  Sometimes you’ll luck out and find Orion slave girls, other times you may get stuck with Borg drones.  i encourage all to continually seek out new challenges in life.


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