2Q10 Goals

Posted: 2010/03/30 in Journal

Well, the first quarter of 2010 draws to an end and the second quarter of 2010 has arrived so now it’s time to look at how I did with last quarters goals and create some new ones.

Goal 1: Become Physically Fit
I have continually been working towards improving my level of physical fitness.  I believe that this is a goal that I am doing well on, but it is not a goal that will be met anytime soon.  In the last few weeks I have been faultering on this particular goal, but that is partly do to irratic swing shifts which throws off most aspects of my life.  I have taken many strides, I feel significantly healthier today than at the end of 2009.  My goals were not all met.
I lost 5# instead of 10-15#, but i put on muscle mass.  My bench press is at 135# and my leg press is at 315#.
My goals through this quarter are to lose 10-15#, bench 185#, leg press 405#, and run 10 out of 30 minutes per cardio session.

Goal 2: Stay Current & Get Involved
I mark this one as complete/redirected as it is something that I have managed to make part of my routine, but I need to make sure to become active in.  Now that i am becoming more aware of the world around me, it is time to take part in that world.  The number one part of this is to become a registered voter.  I also need to do more to find out what powers are championing what causes, and maybe volunteer.  I would like to do one community serviuce event every month.

Goal 3:  Journal/Blog
I believe that anyone following my little website would agree that i have managed to continue journaling/blogging, so this one is being marked as complete as long as i continue this little venture of mine.

Goal 4: Financial Stability
Nikki and i have struggled for most of our relationship with our finances.  i would like to start to take steps to provide more certainty to our financial future.  The most immediate goal is to set up a retirement account.  By end of year 2010, i intend to have some nature of retirement account in place.  My next open eligibility for works 401k is this fall.  I also want to start placing a little bit of money aside.  By end of quarter, I would like to have the equivilent of one of each of our paychecks sitting in our account as a safety net.  End of year, I would like one months pay as a safety net.  long term goal is to have a the minimum recommended amount of three months pay in savings in case of emergency.

Here’s looking forward to another good quarter and hopefully the attainment of more goals!


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