Review: Best Fitness -Erie, PA

Posted: 2010/03/26 in Reviews
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Nikki and i have been going to Best Fitness for two months now and i thought it’s time for some feeback.  I should start by stating that this is our first gym, outside of High School and college.  From the get go, it was a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  We continue to attend and be motivated by a few people we know there and the trainers.

My initial visit was as a walk in.  I stopped in on my way home from work, talked to someone at the counter, took a tour, discussed pricing, and left with some literature.  i felt no pressure to join, more of a welcoming pressence.  When i returned a week later with Nikki, we had a friendly consultation and signed up.  Being West employees, we pay $19.99 / month + an annual $19.99 equipment fee with a one year committment each.  I felt the prices were reasonable considering most gyms charge more.

One of the first things i noticed, being raised by a germaphobe, was the availability of sanitation stations.  Regularly placed throughout the gym are paper towel dispensers with sanatizer spray bottles.  Observing, most everyone wipes down equipment in the cardio area as well as the machine weight stations.  Free weight stations are not wiped down as much by members, but i think most people that use free weights really don’t care.  I wipe down most equipment to appease others, but we’re all there sweating, so i really don’t care that much.

The equipment itself is nice, i like it.  They have a decently sized free weight floor, where i try to lift the most.  Nikki likes the beginner’s area as the machines are set more to resistance bands rather than weights and are a little more user friendly.  The machines in the middle provide a nice range of exercises that just aren’t as practical with free weights.  Cardio equipment is nice, just takes a while to get a feel for the different machines and which ones feel the best for you.  I would recommend if you’re going to do a particular cardio workout on a regular basis, then use a different machine every week until you’ve used em all and then decide which one is styled to your preference.

The trainers are very friendly.  They approach sales in more of a rapport orientated approach rather than high pressure sales.  I say this as I know that they are trying to increase their clientell as that’s what they’re paid on, so not acknowledging them as salespeople is just foolish.  that being said, they truly are pleasant people.  I have worked with Brian and Shae, both of which provided me with great workouts to get me started in the right direction and really pushing myself.  As of next week, i will have had three, free trainer sessions.  They give you two off the bat, and then every few months they seem to offer another one to continue their recruitment efforts.  My workout sessions with the trainers have prooven to be good, solid workouts.  I personally can not justify the cost of a trainer as i am focused enough to motivate and push myself.  i can definately see the use of hiring a trainer as they do provide many techniques and pointers in addition to drive and motivation.

The locker room is adequete.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a full or half sized locker, but that’s more about when you go.  Showers have decent pressure and always have hot water.  they also have a towel hook outside the shower and a toiletries rack inside the shower for all ur stuffs.

Flat panel televisions are stationed through out the gym and locker rooms.  The row of televisions in the cardio area are all labeled with radio stations, so u can tune ur FM radio to the audio broadcast channel that that station is set up on.

All and all, we are very pleased with the gym.  We have been going 4-5 times a week since we joined.  The present, friendly atmosphere has really been key to our comfort level there.  I would definately recommend this gym to anyone looking for a casual, inexpensive gym that has a variety of workout options.


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