Journal: 2010-02-28

Posted: 2010/02/28 in Journal

February draws to an end and March is just around the corner. All is well in my world and i have no serious complaints for the week. I ha my first interview for the Ops Sales Supervisor position. This is a position that i really look forward to having the potential opportunity for. I feel confident about both the answers I gave during my phone interview and about my delivery itself.

My mother just got done with some elective surgery. I don’t really get elective cosmetic surgery, but she has worked hard to get to where she is and I am glad that she can do something to make herself happy. My mother and grandmother have served as an influance towards my recent weight loss goals. My grandmother is in extremely poor physical condition and very large as she has never tried to get healthy; my mother was a very large woman, but has worked hard to loose her weight and is now skinny. So I have both visions in front of me of what I can become or what I can do. I have chosen to work my arse off five times a week and see what i can do with my body. I have also started tracking what I eat using weight watcher points. After my first week, I only tracked about half of what I should, but this week I am adding the spreadsheet to my jump drive so that I can enter stuff anytime I’m near a computer.
Current Fitness Levels:
Weight: 182 lbs
Bench Press: 3×12 – 105 lbs
Leg Press: 3×12 – 170 lbs
Treadmill: 2×30 min @ 3.5 mph
Weight Watcher Points +/-: Unknown

In the wonderful world of sports, the 2010 Winter Olympics are coming to a close. We have strangely found ourselves following Curling a lot. It really is interesting to watch. Although not a hockey fan, I am excited to see USA & Canada fighting it out for the finals. Checking the score i see that Canada is winning over USA 2-0 part way through the second period, and USA scored their first point of the match while typing this increasing the score to CAN 2 – USA 1. Nascar season is starting and providing my usual Sunday afternoon entertainment. I am glad to see that they have loosened some of the rules to make the sport more entertaining to watch again. Dale Jr, my racer, wrecked out last week in Fontana but has been running top ten most of this week in Las Vegas.

All else is going well, I’m new to the idea of journaling, so here is what I have.


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