2/10 Goals

Posted: 2010/02/23 in Journal

I find goal setting an important task, without goals, progress tends not to happen. Goals are ever more powerfull if you place them in a place where others can view them, as this holds you accountable. This being said, I choose to list some of my goals here, update my progress, and then quarterly posts as to how they are going. So let’s see how this goes…

Goal 1: Become Physically Fit
I have started an exercise routine and am going to seriously try weight watchers. I would like to loose 10-15 pounds by the start of next quarter; I am currently 285 #. I would also like to see my regular lifting reps of bench pressing 3*12 of 135# and leg press of 3*12 at 250#. I am currently at 95# and 170# respectively.

Goal 2: Stay Current
I have, as I’ve grown older, become slightly more aware of the world around me. I would like to spend 30 minutes a day gathering news. I would also like to do this via a different news source each day of the week.

Goal 3: Journal
I would like to journal once a week. I have never been much for journaling, but i see it’s benefits in that it allows you to gather your thoughts and focus. I’ll probably do so here as I do not care for pen and paper at all.

I think three goals a quarter is good to start with.


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